New Short Carbon Fiber MINI Antennas!

New Short Carbon Fiber MINI Antennas!
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Synopsis: It's time for a new Antenna for your MINI
Once you get it in your head that your MINI looks like a remote control car with that silly looking antenna popping up out of the roof you'll never look at your car again without hanging your head in shame wishing you were cooler. We just added a series of MINI Cooper Stubby Antennas that have a nice accent on the top in Checkered, Union Jack or Black Jack patterns to suit your mood and your MINI. These are a super easy install and take just a few minutes using the supplied screws and adapters. What are you waiting for? Raise your coolness level and get rid of the "dorky tall antenna" on your MINI.

This Carbon Fiber Stubby Antenna with accent top fits the following MINI Cooper models:

Gen1 MINI Cooper Models:
Gen2 MINI Cooper Models:

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