Regularly check your MINI's vitals!

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Posted: 05-01-2015 02:51 PM
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Synopsis: Tachometer-mounted gauge pods from Alta let you get up close and personal with your engine.
Have it your way. While that is trademarked by Burger King, it still applies to this product. Buy one and attach to the back of you tach using existing bolt locations or get two and go for the "Mickey Mouse" ears. It's your choice. Of course, you could also not buy any and not know what is going on with your MINI Coopers engine or other vitals. Simple install requires no modification and can be removed at any time.

With a 60mm inside diameter these single gauge pods will accept a standard gauge from Autometer or other gauge manufacturer with a 60mm diameter. Pick what you want to satisfy your gauge needs. Alta also now includes a silicone internal sleeve that allows a 52mm gauge to be installed.

We have heard reports that these pods cannot be used with Autometer brand gauges on the Gen 2 MINI as they are too deep and interfere with the dash.

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