6" Random Orbital Polisher for MINI Cooper

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Posted: 01-29-2016 02:32 PM
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Synopsis: Only the best from Griot's Garage!
Here's the highlights:

* Powerful 850 watt Motor
* Variable Speed Control
* Ergonomic Design
* Soft-Start, Constant Speed
* 2500 - 6800 Orbits/Minute
* Flexible 6 1/2 Ft. Power Cord

This is, hands down, the best random orbital machine polishing system on the market. It's safe for your paint and easy for you to achieve flawless results with minimal work. Griot's Garage continues to lead the industry in this field and after sixteen years has refined this tool to what it is today. With the Griot's Garage Polish and Wax System, there is no safer or easier way to remove swirl marks, fine scratches, and apply a protective coating to your paint. Not by wool pads, not by cotton bonnets, not by hand. The problem with the old way of using wool or cotton pads and non-orbital (straight drive) polishers, is that the cutting action was so great that it produced its own heat and swirl marks, burned through the color coat, and damaged the paint.

By following the detailed instructions that are included or watching the process with the Griots Machine Polishing DVD, you can polish and wax your car quickly and safely. The results will astound you. What makes it so easy? The Griots specially engineered Foam Pads, unique Machine Polishes and the Griot's Garage Random Orbital Machine! The problem with other machine polishes is that they have been formulated for non-orbiting machines and are made to work under high heat conditions. With Griots polishes, the first thing you'll notice is how cool the paint remains. This, combined with the proper foam pads and the machine's unique orbital pattern, eliminates the chance of you accidentally burning your paint. The hook and loop Foam Pads are 6" in diameter. Start with the Orange Foam Pad if you're going to be removing swirl marks with Griots polishes or One-Step Sealant. Use the softer and gentler Red Foam Pad for waxing with the Best of Show Wax® or Paint Sealant. You'll notice that the Griots nice thin pads will give you more control and precision over all other pads. Safe for all types of paint.

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