Oil Filters for your MINI

Oil Filters for your MINI
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Synopsis: Only buy factory oil filters for your MINI.
We've read numerous complaints from MINI owners that have taken their beloved MINI to the local oil change place and found out months later they used either the wrong filter OR a poor quality aftermarket filter. Driving thousands of miles driven with low quality or poor fitting oil filters are among the worst thing that can be be done to a MINI engine- particularly the Turbo models. Don't risk blowing your engine, turbo or any other critical part of your MINI's drivetrain by using substandard non oem oil filters. OutMotoring has been offering factory MINI oil filters since 2003 and have yet to get any complaints about fit, quality or performance. Do it right and only use OEM oil filters for your MINI Cooper, Clubman, Coupe, Convertible, Countryman, Roadster and Paceman! Available in 6 packs also!

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