Your MINI Will Need Repair

Your MINI Will Need Repair
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Synopsis: At some point SOMETHING on your MINI will need to be repaired or replaced...
Be ready when the time comes to fix that 'something' on your MINI that will leave you stranded. If you have what we consider to be the best MINI repair manual we know of. Don't waste your time with the Haynes manual- it will leave you completely in the dark. The Bentley manual for the MINI (gen1 and gen2)  is incredibly well done and leaves no bolt unscrewed and no widget out of place. If you are able to fix JUST one small item that a shop would normally bill 1 hour of labor for this manual will pay for itself...and trust me, there are lots of little things and plenty of big things that can go wrong on your MINI- especially those that are getting to be 10+ years old now...

MINI R55, R56, R57, R58, R59 MINI Cooper Bentley Manual Here

MINI R50, R52, R53 MINI Cooper Bentley Manual Here

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