Don't let your MINI become a rust bucket!

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Posted: 06-15-2015 01:35 PM
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Synopsis: The Gen 2 intake from AEM is all plastic so there is no rust.
AEM intake for the Gen2 Cooper S models up to the end of 2010 which is the N14 engine as well as version for the N18 engine which was used on the 2011 and newer S models (see drop down menu!!). Please note that the JCW engine stayed as the N14 into 2012 but the "S" model engine changed to the N18 in 2012.

The AEM intake is a two-part design which includes the hood-mounted air funnel to pull fresh air through the hood scoop and the main intake assembly that replaces the factory airbox. This is very similar to the DDM race intake but is entirely plastic which does not hold heat as long as metal and will not rust. Once installed the only upper stress bars that will fit are the GT spec and the AEM bar.

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