R53 and R53 "S" Speed Kit

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Posted: 06-20-2013 03:19 PM
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Synopsis: Find the best way to get your MINI R53 Cooper S or R52 Cooper S convertible up to speed.
We're finding that MANY used gen1 MINIs are coming up for sale and they're being snatched up quickly by people wanting a dedicated race car or a daily driver that has more character and spunk than their current ride. Many have been following the MINI brand for years but for one reason or another have not been able to land one in their driveway. Now that a 2003 R53 can be purchased for as low as $4500 they're well within reach of first time car owners and seasoned drivers alike.

We have been getting lots of calls asking about how to get more power out of the supercharged engine. The easy answer is to get our Stage 2 Speed Kit. You will likely find that on a older Gen1 MINI the stock exhaust is rotted and the spark plug wires are shorting out, plugs need to be replaced along with a few other things. Replacing the intake, exhaust, spark plugs, spark plug wires, supercharger pulley and intake will get the MINI going. It's not uncommon to hear customers say they did these mods and can now keep up with a John Cooper Works MINI from the same model range (R53/R52). For a fraction of the cost of the factory JCW kit you can not only replace stuff that needs replacing but also get a WHOLE bunch of power for under $1300 plus installation. It's a no brainer folks. Check it out:

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