Better organization = happiness

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Posted: 09-19-2013 12:36 PM
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Synopsis: Check out the new categories for Driver Gear Products.
When I started OutMotoring in 2002 I never thought to make endless categories and subcategories for the various products we would one day offer. With well over 2200 products in 2013 I'm starting to see super large categories filled with 90-100 products which makes it hard for customers to navigate. Case in point is the "driver gear' category which until just a few days ago had 2 sub categories which were filled with MINI shirts, hats, keychain, watches, books and tons of other cool stuff. As you can imagine or maybe experienced it became very hard to find a keychain amongst all of the other items. And finding a MINI coffee mug was even harder- and did you notice the MINI Flip Flops? They were in there too! So the other day I created a slew of new subcategories to classify watches as their own category, clothing in another and books/movies in another and so forth. So, now it looks fantastic and is super easy to navigate so you can find the perfect MINI related gifts you've been looking for. Check it for yourself: New product categories.

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