Custom MINI Cooper Ideas and Inspiration

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Posted: 08-26-2017 09:54 PM
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Custom MINI ideas that are sure to inspire you when customizing your MINI Cooper!

MINIs are amazing cars, to begin with, but if you have a bit of creativity and you want to take them to the next level, you can totally do that if you want. All you need is a bit of inspiration, and we are here to bring you some nice ideas in that regard!


Custom colors 

When you have a MINI, you always want to keep it as pristine as possible. But if you are into customization, you may want to play around with colors a little bit. This combination of green and gray is very sweet. It does look amazing, and it manages to impress people everywhere with its unique visual appeal.


Racing car/rally car design 

In case you are a racing fan, you will find this type of design pretty impressive. Some MINI owners love to add stripes, spoilers, graphics and other race inspired elements to make their MINI stand out in the crowd.

Custom motor 

Custom built and upgraded motors can really make your MINI move. Simple upgrades such as larger intercoolers, turbos, upgraded superchargers or cams, lightened flywheels or modified heads and free flow exhaust will bring out the best in your MINI.

Classic steering wheel 

While you can keep the new steering wheel, there are ways to opt for the classic one if you want. Installing one can be pretty easy if you work with the right mechanic. Going with a old school steering wheel in a smaller or larger diameter can make your MINI stand out.

Revamped luxury interior

Adding in some leather and modifying the overall design can be a bit costly but, as you can see from this image, it’s well worth the investment. Your MINI will be transformed, and it will look downright amazing. So yes, if you are a fan of MINIs in general, a revamped interior can be right up your alley. You don’t have to go too crazy like this, but any simple revamp can make the difference.


All of these MINI Cooper customization ideas are great, and you are free to choose what works for you. One thing is certain; you just have to be committed to the idea and stick to it. Yes, customizing your MINI can be costly, but if you stick to a specific budget, then the overall results will be worth it. Just consider all of that, and the outcome can definitely be worth it!


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