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Why You Should Buy a MINI Cooper: MINI Buying Guide

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Posted: 09-13-2017 03:27 PM
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This MINI buying guide will explain all of the reasons why you should buy a MINI Cooper, and help you to decide on which one is best for you.

MINI Cooper is widely known among enthusiasts for being a superb vehicle to own, in fact it has an extremely large following around the world. That being said, it can be difficult when purchasing a MINI if you don’t know what you are looking for. Therefore, we have put together this set of guidelines to follow and refer to when purchasing a MINI Cooper.


Many people desire a car that drives well, a car that is powerful. Although the MINI is smaller when compared to other vehicles, not a lot of power is always required. That being said, a 3-cylinder turbo engine will be more than okay. You may want to consider that some of the MINI Cooper models are six speeds, others only 5, and it ultimately is up to you which one you feel is best for your driving habits and desires.

Displaying mini-cooper-s-car-interior-17057377.jpgInterior

If you purchase your MINI Cooper from a dealership, you definitely should consider the option available to customize the interior the way you want. Adding some extra features may cost you more, but it will allow you to create the car the way you want, and that’s what matters most. However, if this is a second hard purchase, then make sure the interior is in good shape. Not everyone takes good care of their cars, so be sure to check and see if there are any ripped materials or damages to any areas of the car’s interior. You will have to repair that on your own, and it can end up being costly in the end.

Fuel economy

Different MINI Cooper models come with a different fuel economy, and it's always a plus to purchase a car with the lowest consumption in and outside any city. That being said, most MINI Cooper models are pretty accessible here, and the value you get is outstanding in the long run when it comes to fueling your car.


There are tons of extras out there available for your new MINI, such as a panoramic sunroof, automatic AC, Bluetooth connectivity, central armrest or a navigation system. These are premium features, but whether you are willing to spend a small fortune on this, that’s debatable. It’s all about knowing what extra features you want. Create a list and see what can be added to your car and what’s available for the MINI Cooper model you are buying.

Displaying chisinau-moldova-july-14-2016-mini-cooper-club-festival-in-moldova-orange-mini-cooper-in-dark-forest-on-july-14-2016-in-chi-91022056.jpgPrice

Obviously, you still need to think about the price, and this will vary depending on the type of MINI Cooper that you want to purchase. Granted, some models are a bit more expensive when compared to others. The idea is to find the right budget for you and stick to it. Luckily, the MINI Cooper is known to be a vehicle packed with a ton of value, yet at a much more reasonable price than one would think for such a car. Unless you're planning on adding a ton of premium extras, features and going all out in customization, a MINI Cooper isn't going to cost you an arm and a leg to purchase.

Finding the right model is all about studying these requirements and then figuring out the features that you want the most. Once you do that, you will be able to find the results you want in no time when purchasing the perfect MINI Cooper! The best part? You can always customize your new MINI to fit you exactly as you'd desire by purchasing the perfect MINI performance parts and accessories here at Out Motoring!

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