Os Giken Limited Slip Differential
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Os Giken Limited Slip Differential Os Giken Limited Slip Differential Os Giken Limited Slip Differential Os Giken Limited Slip Differential Os Giken Limited Slip Differential Os Giken Limited Slip Differential


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Os Giken Limited Slip Differential

SKU:  MN023-HA 1
WEIGHT:  30.00 lbs
brand: OS Giken
Our price: $1,889.95

Average customer rating:
4.99 out of 5
(based on 421 votes and 0 reviews)

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Advantages of an OS Giken 'Super Lock' LSD: - A true 100% locking LSD: No movement of internal parts means less heat is generated while in operation and less wear of the friction disks. Less initial torque loss and incredible longevity and durability can be realized. Tested for 35,000km with no signs of wear. - Straight line stability: During a drag race, our LSD will lock 100% and provide torque equally to each powered wheel. Stable and straight runs will result thus eliminating torque steer in FF applications and lower the chance of driveshaft breakage. - Customizable: Lock timing can be adjusted by setting the spring inside the pressure ring. Tune the LSD to custom fit any specification and set-up of your desired vehicle and driving style/ skill level for optimum performance. (SPEC-X ONLY) - By using a pressure control ring, the LSD responds smoothly to the application of initial torque. Lock engagement is smooth and the impact vibration is significantly reduced. This increases the stability of the vehicle and allows more freedom for the driver to trace the desired racing line. - On snow tracks and regions with unstable road conditions, the OS Super Lock LSD easily adapts and adjusts tire rotation to increase vehicle stability. Bad weather and harsh road conditions are not a problem when the vehicle is equipped with an OS Super Lock LSD. - Less understeer during cornering: When entering into a corner with the throttle closed, the spring inside the pressure control ring will react accordingly and immediately return the differentials internal components to the original initial torque settings and thus create less understeer. With a conditional differential, however, there will be a lapse of time before returning to the initial torque settings, as it takes time for the cone springs to react and make contact with the friction disc in order to close the pressure ring. - When exiting from a corner, our LSD's transition to the full 100% lock position is smooth and predictable. This gives the vehicle better traction and stability, resulting in better lap times while racing. - OS Giken Super Lock LSDs do not require any break in process. The unit is comprised of parts that have been precisely machined to exact specifications and are ready to use upon installation. Requires professional installation.

Fits these MINI models: See drop down menu:
R52: 2004-2008 Convertible: Cooper S
R53: 2002-2006 Hatchback: Cooper S
R55: 2008-xxxx Clubman: Cooper S
R56: 2007-xxxx Hatchback: Cooper S
R57: 2009-xxxx Convertible: Cooper S
R58: 2011-xxxx Roadster: Cooper S
R59: 2011-xxxx Coupe: Cooper S


There are no product reviews for this product yet.

If you have purchased this item and would like to leave a product review please sign in to add your review.

Customers' comments

Excellent fit. I bought the matte black to try and match the rest of the trim and it looks factory installed.

Removing the OE chrome grill "nuts" was a bit of a pain, so I elected to just snap the plastic threads off rather than attempt to remove them. I wouldn't plan on keeping the OE grill as the plastic threads and stamped nuts are practically destroyed no matter how gentle you are.

The upper grill snaps in and use the same fasteners as the OE. The new stamped nuts can be a bit annoying, just seat the nut on the ball of your thumb and turn. Once the nut cuts into the plastic use a nut-driver to snug up--don't over tighten.

The lower grill just snaps in. I cleaned and plasti coted the bumper black, as you can see the bumper color behind the new grill--my car is red so it really stood out.

This grill makes the car look so much better and more up to date. I really like it.

*plasti-cote is your new best friend*

My hitch for my R53 came in today and 3 hours later it is installed and the car is all back together. The fit and finish are excellent and I couldn't be happier with the product. The only problem I had is that the instructions mention zip ties and replacement trim mount clips but the little Baggie included in my box was empty. Someone forgot to pop the parts into the bag before tossing the bag into the box. Didn't really effect me because I didn't break any trim tabs and I have PLENTY of zip ties.

Thanks for a great and unique product that makes the ownership of our quirky little MINIs even better.

Chili Red Owner #552
David Rigg

These guys are the best. Their knowledge of these cars is over the top. You get so much more than parts here; you get knowledge and amazing customer support. I just won't deal with anyone else anymore, this place is that good. Than you Aaron and everyone for making a great place to keep all my MINI's going strong!

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