Gen4: When will the Aceman Come to the USA?

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Posted: 04-25-2024 05:36 PM
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MINI is putting a lot of energy into the Aceman launch. But what are the plans to bring it to the US? And if it does come to the US, when could we see it at dealers? We posed these questions to a few of our sources and got some interesting answers.

Based on what we hear, MINI believes that the Aceman has a chance to be the biggest seller in the range within a few years. But there’s a chance that it may never be offered in the US due to everything from tariffs to changing buying patters. Given the market sales trends in the US, it’s not clear that a smaller, all electric crossover would be a sales hit. Especially when the larger Countryman is available.

Why The MINI Aceman Is not Available In The US At Launch
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