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Gen4 U25 World Premier of the 2025 MINI Countryman SE

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Posted: 03-20-2024 04:01 PM
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Synopsis: Gen4 U25 World Premier of the 2025 MINI Countryman SE

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Review: Electric MINI Countryman SE – The Range & Performance We’ve Been Waiting For



Finally MINI is launching a fully electric car that’s meant for the masses with plenty of range of huge power figures. But how do these figures from the electric Countryman SE translate into the real world and how could a 4,574 lbs car feel like a MINI? We went to Portugal to speak to the people behind the car and get behind the wheel.

Stepping into the new electric Countryman SE is a vastly different experience than any MINI before it. The new interior layout does away with the cluster display behind the steering wheel as all relevant content is projected onto circular display and the head-up display (standard in the US). Reduced to the essentials, the new interior has a much different, more relaxing feel to it.

The there’s the size. Like the new Countryman JCW we reviewed a couple of weeks ago, the SE is built on a new, larger platform (code named U25) which has allowed the it grow in every dimension. While the increase isn’t has big as it was with the previous generation Countryman over its predecessor, it’s still a noticeable change. That’s evident in the interior immediately. The driver and front passenger have almost three centimeters of additional width at the shoulder. Similarly the rear passengers have 2.5 centimes of extra weight thanks to a wider track and better use of space in general.

But the real change is the moment you twist the “key”. The electric MINI Countryman SE registers this action with a subtle hum and visual welcome. From there your hand intuitively moves over to the gear toggle where you pull down for “D” and head out.

The Driving Experience Of The Electric MINI Countryman SE

We had the chance to drive the petrol Countryman JCW and electric Countryman SE back to back and came away with some surprising conclusions. First off do not let the identical power figures fool you. The JCW HERE to read the entire article at

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