Griots Garage Starter Car Care Kit

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Posted: 04-26-2018 02:23 PM
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A little bit of everything to get you started!

The Griots Garage Starter Car Care Kit has combined the finest car care products every perfectionist wants. This is a great amalgam that will keep your car looking new while maintaining your investment. Start by cleaning the entire car and wheels with Car Wash and Wheel Cleaner. Now that the car is clean, remove impurities from the paint's surface by using the Paint Cleaning Clay. Next, protect and enhance your paint by applying Best of Show Wax®. Finish up with Vinyl & Rubber Dressing for your tires, exterior trim and interior. There you have it: The quickest and easiest way to maintain your car's factory fresh finish.

Kit includes:
16 ounce Car Wash
35 ounce Wheel Cleaner with Finest Sprayer
cleaning sponge
16 ounce Best of Show Wax®
8 ounce bar of Paint Cleaning Clay
35 ounce Speed Shine® with Finest Sprayer
8 ounces of Vinyl & Rubber Dressing.

Your car will look incredible, and caring for it will be simple and easy.

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