LED Driving Light Kit w/ Harness Ultima 5"
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LED Driving Light Kit w/ Harness Ultima 5"

SKU:  UT-72110-2x2+UT-74404-2
WEIGHT:  10.00 lbs
brand: Ultima LED Driving Lights
Our price: $249.95

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Out of the dozens of lights we've reviewed over the years and passed on these are hands down the most insanely well built lights we have ever handled. Each light weighs double to triple what full sets of driving lights from other brands sometimes weigh. While weight along is not critical the build quality consists of ultra heavy duty brackets, stainless hardware, stoutly made housings and very high quality and well engineered LED components. 

Say hello to the 5” inch Ultima LED driving lights. Equipped with 9x high-output Osram LEDs, these driving lights produce volumes of light with a spot beam of up to 507m/1,650ft. at 1 lux (with 2 lamps).

Ready for high illumination on tracks and river crossings, the 5” inch Ultima LED driving lights are mounted on black powder-coated stainless steel brackets and fully sealed and rated to IP68 for dust and water ingress protection. In order to be installed on a MINI or other vehicles these may require vehicle specific brackets behind the built in swivel mount included.

Sporting an SUV with a nudge bar? With compact dimensions of just 126mm/5 inch wide, 144mm/5.6 inch high, and 100mm/4 inch deep, our Ultima LED driving lights will provide the added illumination you need for endless getaways.

Each light has a removable clear rock shield cover
High Output 5W Osram LEDs
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Brackets Suitable to Rigorous Offroad Living
Includes Innovative Rubber Dampening System to Isolate Housing from Bracket

Product LxWxH: 4.96in x 5.63in x 3.94in
Input Voltage: 12/24V
Amp Draw: 3.0A @ 12V
LEDs: 9 x 5W  Watts
Raw Lumens: 4,500 lm
Effective Lumens: 3,409 lm
LuxL: 1 Lux at 507m
IP Rating:  IP68 & IP69K
Operating Temp:  -30°C to 65°C
Color Temperature: 5700°K
Size: 5"

kit includes:
2- LED Driving Lights with integrated swivel bracket and hardware
1- Wiring harness and switch.

Harness info / Features:
Off/On Rocker Switch with Red LED When Lights Are Activated
Premium 3-Pin Waterproof DT Connectors
Pre-wired Relay and Fuse Holder
Suitable for Both Positively or Negatively Switch Vehicles via Manual Change Over Leads
Compatible with 12V Vehicles

Does not include mounting brackets which are required for attachment on all MINI models. We have a few options depending on the model and year MINI.

The Ultima 5" LED Driving Light Kit is one of the many MINI Cooper Parts and Accessories that we carry and will fit the following MINI Cooper Models and Years:

all models but may require vehicle specific brackets

R-Fifty WHAT?? Confused about what model MINI you have? We’re here to help. Check this out for more information.


There are no product reviews for this product yet.

If you have purchased this item and would like to leave a product review please sign in to add your review.

Customers' comments

Aaron and his staff down at OutMotoring are awesome! Always extremely friendly and helpful with any questions I have about their products and Mini's in general. I live near by so it is nice to be able to go down and pick up everything I need and look around at what they have on the shelves. They always have what I come to get in stock and if they don't they always offer to order it for me. I have purchased almost all of my Mini parts from them and I will continue to do so! Thanks again OutMotoring!

Got my parcel in the mail today. Shipping was much faster than I anticipated and my hat makes me proud :) Needless to say, my evening is now booked, installing all my new treasures on my much-loved Benjamin. Thanks again!
Kara Wohlgemuth

I would like to give the folks at outmotoring.com a huge shout out. Once again they are saving my ass.

Crank pulley shit the bed on my 06 jcw last night. Called all my local parts dealers and they don't even carry the crank pulley. Called my local dealers and its 5 days away in Ontario, Canada. As I am in Alberta. I need this ASAP as this is May daily driver.

Gave them a phone call. Talked with a wonderful lady. She checked that the Alta pulley I wanted was in stock.
Now there shipping options for me where limited to the fastest being 6-10 days on their website. She got ahold of ups and had a next day shipping option available at a reasonable price. + I had $53 worth of points I could use for a discount. Put the order through within ten minutes of my original call. Shipping next day from their location to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada all for under $200.

This has the be the best customer service I have ever had from a mainly web based business. bar none! I HIGHLY recommend them to everyone.

Thank you once again!
Brendan Sundsten

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