Milltek Exhaust: R52S
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Milltek Exhaust: R52S

SKU:  SSXM403.
WEIGHT:  90.00 lbs
brand: Milltek
Our price: $699.95


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This exhaust is a stunningly clean design with results to back it up. Dual round slash tips fill out the rear nicely and look the business. Built very much like the Magnaflow, in that the whole back end is one large part all welded together... which connects to a mid and front pipe... which then bolts directly to the stock header flange. No welding needed.

I had one of these on my personal Gen 1 Cooper S for about 2 years and absolutely loved it. It's a bit louder than the Alta (barely), but not nearly as loud as the Magnaflow or the Borla Race. At idle, it has a nice smooth growl and at full throttle it sounds very mature and refined. Highway cruising noise is minimal with NO reverberation(= no headaches). This does sound good, but won't make the neighbors angry either.

Each system has its own serial number plate welded on to confirm it's a real MILLTEK. Imported from the UK. Straightforward install.

Available as a resonated (happy neighbors) and a NON resonated (will possibly lead to some interesting conversations at the mailbox).

The Milltek Exhaust: R52S is one of the many MINI Cooper Parts and Accessories that we carry and will fit the following MINI Cooper Models and Years:

Gen1 MINI:

R52-S MINI Cooper S Convertible: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

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There are no product reviews for this product yet.

If you have purchased this item and would like to leave a product review please sign in to add your review.

Customers' comments

You guys Rock I placed my order on Monday and had it by Wednesday U cant beat that! Great service !!!
Mike Babinetz

Excellent fit. I bought the matte black to try and match the rest of the trim and it looks factory installed.

Removing the OE chrome grill "nuts" was a bit of a pain, so I elected to just snap the plastic threads off rather than attempt to remove them. I wouldn't plan on keeping the OE grill as the plastic threads and stamped nuts are practically destroyed no matter how gentle you are.

The upper grill snaps in and use the same fasteners as the OE. The new stamped nuts can be a bit annoying, just seat the nut on the ball of your thumb and turn. Once the nut cuts into the plastic use a nut-driver to snug up--don't over tighten.

The lower grill just snaps in. I cleaned and plasti coted the bumper black, as you can see the bumper color behind the new grill--my car is red so it really stood out.

This grill makes the car look so much better and more up to date. I really like it.

*plasti-cote is your new best friend*

Just received my most recent order from you guys and couldn't be happier. Not just with the trim pieces I ordered, but with the customer service and speed at which my products arrived.

Your online department to ask questions, has always responded quickly(even the dumb questions), and for a new MINI owner, that is truly appreciated.

This was my third order from OutMotoring, and look forward to many more. But since I have owned my 2014 Clubman for less than 2 months, my wife has put a moratorium on my purchasing more MINI accessories for a bit...

Sorry I can't be at the Dragon this year, but look forward to meeting you fine folks down the road.


Edward Lewis
Madeira Beach, FL
Edward Lewis

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