12 Piece Brake Caliper Piston Tool
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12 Piece Brake Caliper Piston Tool

SKU:  X000T85509
WEIGHT:  6.00 lbs
brand: Hawk
Our price: $49.95
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If you're planning on replacing your own brake pads or rotors (or both) you may find that the rear calipers are big hassle to get compressed so you can get a new fresh brake pad in and fit over the rotor. Over time as the pads and rotors wear down which allows the the piston to slowly move inward to help keep the pedal feel the same even when the pads are getting thinner. In order to get the piston back into position it needs to be compressed AND rotated much like a giant screw. Without this tool or one like it, it is nearly impossible. The Mini Cooper (Clubman, etc) has the parking brake system incorporated into the rear brake caliper, which is common with nearly all modern cars. This system allows you to hydraulically (via the brake pedal) apply the rear brakes while pulling the ebrake handle will mechanically move the piston. This combination requires the use of a special piston retracting tool when installing new rear brake pads because of the hybrid nature of the caliper. This brake caliper tool is specifically designed to lock into the Mini Cooper rear brake caliper piston and apply the required pressure as well as screw the piston back into the caliper housing in the same motion. There is really not another safe way to get the piston to back out and having this tool will save you hours or frustration if you end up needing to stop halfway through the the project to hunt down the correct tool (s) locally. This kit allows you to rotate various pistons back into their caliper housing when changing brake pads. This kit works with MINI, Ford, GM, Volkswagen, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Toyota, BMW, Audi and other vehicles.

This 12 Piece Brake Caliper Piston Tool is one of the many MINI Cooper Parts and Accessories that we carry and will fit the following MINI Cooper Models and Years:

all MINI models.

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There are no product reviews for this product yet.

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My base 2008 JCW was transformed to look like a race car thanks to all the help and products purchased at Out Motoring. They guys are the best!

New York, USA!
Chris Paparella

Ordered the rear set delete kit (with the seat belt hole option) planning on using it as a platform for my dogs instead of having the enter through the door and sit on the rear seat. After reading through the install procedures and prepping the car for install I noticed that there is only one bolt securing the delete kit. This may be ok for weight reduction but it not good for use with pets.
David Imes

I am from Melbourne Australia.
I would like to thank Out Motoring for the excellent service with my order. I was informed every step of the way through the delivery process and the products are exactly as displayed. Very happy
Allan woodworth

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