Hitch Trailer Wiring Kit
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Hitch Trailer Wiring Kit

SKU:  WH1001
WEIGHT:  2.00 lbs
brand: Unassigned
Our price: $94.95
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If you need to have a trailer in tow behind your MINI, you will need to have it wired up for lighting. This kit includes the module, wiring, and instructions you need to wire up your MINI so it will work with trailer brake and turn signal lights.

Wiring Kit Detail:

-Standard 4 plug connector

-Active tail converter that functions without applying additional loads to the Mini’s wiring or computer

-Takes power from a direct feed from the battery with 10 amp fuse

-Takes 3 brake and stop signals (left turn, right turn, stop) and converts to two light signal on trailer lights (left turn and stop, right turn and stop)

-Includes all required wiring, connectors, and detailed installation instructions

SELECT WIRING KIT from the drop-down menu using the following:

Installation instructions linked below:

WH1001 R50: 02-06 Cooper Hatchback

WH1002 R53: 02-06 Cooper S Hatchback
WH1003 R52: 04-08 Cooper Convertible
WH1004 R52: 04-08 Cooper S Convertible
WH1007 R56/R57/R58/R59: Hatchback/Convertible/Coupe/Roadster (base + S models)
WH1005 R55: 08-15 Clubman and Clubman S
WH1006 R60: 11-16 Countryman and Countryman S
WH1006 R61: 13-16 Paceman and Paceman S

WH1009 F55+ F56+F57 (base + S models)


There are no product reviews for this product yet.

If you have purchased this item and would like to leave a product review please sign in to add your review.

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