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Gen4 F66 NEWS: World Premier of the 2025 MINI Cooper Hatchback

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Posted: 03-20-2024 03:13 PM
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Synopsis: World premier of the Generation 4 F66 ICE Hatchback.

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World Premier: The F66 2025 MINI Cooper Revealed & Has Exclusive Details


t’s here – the MINI so many of you’ve been waiting for. A new MINI Cooper with no plug, no range anxiety and plenty of gasoline in its veins. This is the F66 and it’s the last ever petrol powered MINI Cooper. What’s new, what’s old and how does it stack up to all the MINI Coopers that came before it? Today (finally) we find out.

The F66 MNI Cooper may look all new to the casual observer but as you know if you’ve been reading MotoringFile, it’s not. Why? MINI is putting enormous investment in electrifying the product line-up with the J01 MINI Cooper, J05 MINI Aceman and U25 Countryman (available as both ICE and EV). This enormous investment prompted a decision; completely drop the ICE powered Cooper, spend billions creating a new one or thoroughly rework the current F56 adding performance, technology and a new design inside and out. In the end there was only one choice. The F66 is that answer.

Today we not only get to see the F66 MINI Cooper for the first time. For quite a few markets ordering books are also now open as well. In fact MINI has never had such a tight window between debut and production as the F66 will begin rolling down the line in Oxford England on March 1st. The reason for this is not confirmed but we suspect that MINI would much rather focus attention on its all electric.. click HERE to read the entire article at

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