7.4 Liter Oil + Fluid Extractor Tank
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7.4 Liter Oil + Fluid Extractor Tank

WEIGHT:  11.00 lbs
brand: Tools: General
Our price: $122.95

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This is a true 'mess-saver' when it comes to changing your oil (or any other other fluid) at home or at the shop. Not only will this save the mess of pouring the fluid from whatever container used to drain into but it also keeps you from needing to get under the car to pull the drain plug. Leave the drain plug in place. No need for a jack or jack stands. The major benefit of this fluid extractor is you can simply suck/pump the oil out of your engine from the top of the car by feeding the clear flexible tube down the dipstick shaft. A few pumps and it will pull all of the oil out of the oil pan. Simply swap out the oil filter and refill the oil and you're done. Cleanup is a breeeze!

-Evacuates all kinds of fluids including engine oil, transmission fluids, gear oil, coolant, and brake fluid
-Large 1.9 gallon reservoir (7.3 liters) hand operated pump for the big jobs
-Includes 5 feet of flex hose and two dipstick hoses
-Features polyethylene construction and will not rust or corrode for durability
-Quick-drain pour spout

This 7.4 Liter Oil + Fluid Extractor Tank is one of the many MINI Cooper Parts and Accessories that we carry and will fit the following MINI Cooper Models and Years:

Any vehicle with a dipstick tube that will allow the extractor hose to reach the bottom of the oil pan.


There are no product reviews for this product yet.

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Customers' comments

I have ordered a few parts from these guys over the past years, and always had an successful business with them. I live in Iceland and have to pay a few extra bucks for the shipping, so Aaron sends me email right away about it. I take care of it and receive the product a few days later.
Birkir Rafn

I would like to give the folks at outmotoring.com a huge shout out. Once again they are saving my ass.

Crank pulley shit the bed on my 06 jcw last night. Called all my local parts dealers and they don't even carry the crank pulley. Called my local dealers and its 5 days away in Ontario, Canada. As I am in Alberta. I need this ASAP as this is May daily driver.

Gave them a phone call. Talked with a wonderful lady. She checked that the Alta pulley I wanted was in stock.
Now there shipping options for me where limited to the fastest being 6-10 days on their website. She got ahold of ups and had a next day shipping option available at a reasonable price. + I had $53 worth of points I could use for a discount. Put the order through within ten minutes of my original call. Shipping next day from their location to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada all for under $200.

This has the be the best customer service I have ever had from a mainly web based business. bar none! I HIGHLY recommend them to everyone.

Thank you once again!
Brendan Sundsten

Oumotoring has been of great help and technical advise on upgrading my R53 S.

Went through a step by step approach with Aaron installing a pulley, DDM air filter, Miltek Exhaust, Koni Shocks, …..

The MINI became much more fun to drive and stayed a practical daily driver for us.

Thank you Out motoring.

Jay Frem
Jay Frem

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