PedalBox Pro
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PedalBox Pro PedalBox Pro


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PedalBox Pro

SKU:  14725702
WEIGHT:  1.00 lbs
Our price: $349.95

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Even better acceleration. Even more safety. Even more driving pleasure.

This plug and play module can be installed in minutes by just about anyone and has some great features to bring your MINI to the next level.

Easy installation.
Immobilizer with integrated anti-theft protection
Sport Plus mode for powerful acceleration
Sport Plus mode for powerful acceleration
Eco mode for lower fuel consumption
Limit mode for more safety while driving
Multiple selectable driving programs with Wireless Control + App
Safe fuel in Eco mode
Safe driving in Limit mode

Made in Germany with 5 year product warranty

How does the PedalBox Pro work?

The curves (see detailed image / charts) illustrate the speed at which the vehicle responds to throttle pedal movement. It is not about the engine power, but about the time it takes the engine to convert this power. In other words, the PedalBox eliminates the delay from the throttle pedal to the engine.

Small box - big effect

Even in City (purple) mode, the vehicle's response is significantly improved and optimized for city traffic. Further programs are available to the driver at the push of a button. Sport (orange) and Sport Plus (red) modes offer you more aggressive acceleration for highway or racetrack driving.

You can also switch to Eco (green) mode at any time to reduce your fuel consumption while driving. The potential for fuel savings is increased with the help of reduced throttle response. A smoother and more relaxed start and balanced acceleration when overtaking thus ensure fuel savings.

The throttle characteristic (blue) describes the pre-programmed characteristic of the manufacturer. Here the PedalBox is switched off, the vehicle is then in the standard state.

Programs and fine tune adjustment for over 35 different adjustment options
Choose your personal driving program

CITY (Purple): An improved pull-through, especially suitable for inner-city driving

SPORT (Orange): The engine responds more spontaneously, a real plus in dynamics

SPORT PLUS (Red): An optimal throttle response throughout the entire rev range

ECO (Green): Reduces fuel consumption by limiting aggressive and sporty acceleration processes

Standard (White): The vehicle is in standard mode

Within the selected program, the throttle response can be easily increased with the plus and minus button by up to three additional levels (Red) or decreased by up to three levels (Green) using the plus and minus buttons.

Additional Pro features:

Limit mode (L / yellow): Limit tuning for outside drivers and always ensure the safety of your vehicle in traffic. With this, novice drivers in the family or hotel employees can be safe and in control at all times, especially for powerful vehicles with a lot of traction on the throttle. For this purpose, the throttle response is reduced and the opening of the throttle is limited to a certain point.

Immobilizer (lock icon): Secure your vehicle additionally with the PedalBox and prevent theft by external interference and override with Keyless Go. Each start is released by PedalBox only if your associated remote control or paired cell phone is within range. PedalBox protects you at the same time from the well-known security gap of Keyless Go. Many vehicle types make it easy for thieves to override your car key. PedalBox does not offer thieves this possibility and thus additionally secures your vehicle against theft.

1- Disconnect the original plugs of your throttle.
2- Put the PedalBox base in between. The LED of the base will light up for 30 seconds as soon as it is active.
3- The vehicle is now ready your personal driving fun! Use your new wireless radio remote control for all simple programs.

PerfecTune Individual single tuning for your vehicle in three steps

PerfecTune now even more precise thanks to further optimized algorithms and improved hardware.
1- Connect the base of PedalBox Pro and start PerfecTune individual tuning.
2- PedalBox Pro calibrates your throttle via PerfecTune to adjust the driving programs. All you have to do is press the throttle pedal.
3- After auto-calibration, all programs are perfectly customized to your vehicle.

PedalBox Pro is one of the many MINI Cooper Parts and Accessories that we carry and will fit the following MINI Cooper Models and Years:

all current MINI models

R-Fifty WHAT?? Confused about what model MINI you have? We’re here to help. Check this out for more information.


There are no product reviews for this product yet.

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Customers' comments

Just received my latest order for the R56 Gloss black hood scoop. Easy Install and great fit. Only issue is the gloss finish has major swirl scratches. Not sure if this was a return that got put back on the self or came from factory this way.
Tim Wagner

I recently ordered some blackout rings for the tail lights on my F54 Clubman. Aaron and his team provided great service and support when I had an issue - organising a new set sent directly from the distributor to me in Australia. I have ordered from OutMotoring quite a few times over the years and this is the first quality issue I have ever experienced - having said that, with great customer service I have no hesitation in using them again.

Carl Iacono

I recently made several purchases with OutMotoring. The team was a huge help with not only the selection of products but following through on delivery and overall satisfaction on product. I've worked with several other retailers in the past, I have to say my experience with OutMotoring was hands down the best I've had in a long time.
Jose Martinez

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