Grill + Black Trim Set: BASE COOPER: 11+

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Karen Casey
Apr 29, 2021
(fiveyorks makes the best YouTube video on how to install and you must watch it before your start as this attaches differently than other trim pieces I have switched out.) This ended up being a half day project because there were not explicit instructions and I couldn't find a YouTube video on point until I had already made a mistake! Had there been instructions OR an included reference to a YouTube video, I would have given it 5 stars. My error was in removing the top and bottom grill trim first. The listing did say to remove the 4 screws at the top, but I hadn't noticed it until after I screwed up! Most of the YouTube vids are the ones where they take off the entire bumper. This set doesn't require that. Make sure you unscrew the four bolts on the top grill trim before you remove it. On the bottom you may find it easier to remove the grill with the chrome bottom trim attached as I couldn't get the new trim to work with the old grill (again most likely my own fault for guessing about instructions). The good news from my error was that the new grill looked way better and brighter than the old one. It has a more bright piano black color as opposed to the one on it which was dull and matte black. It was really simple to attach the trim to the bottom grill. Getting everything to line up and go back on took awhile because you just don't get much flex in plastic and if it doesn't line up perfectly you need to take your time to make sure you don't break it. I eventually got the top trim piece back on but I am convinced that the holders I broke were necessary as it is only being held on now by the 4 screws. I will be on the lookout for a fix as my OCD may kick in and make me nuts about it being a bit looser than it should be. Final suggestion: put a big towel over the engine bay while you work. You will inevitably drop a screw and fishing it out is no fun!

Advantages: It is really a quality product. The appearance is super. It is a vast improvement over the existing grill and chrome trim.

Disadvantages: There really need to be detailed instructions for newbies like me! While I think between YouTube and wikihow I have learned to do much that would otherwise not been in my wheel house, this is not one you should guess on.
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