10 Fun Facts About the MINI

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Posted: 08-12-2017 09:45 PM
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Check out these 10 facts about the original Mini and Mini Cooper! How many did you already know?

List of 10 Fun Facts You Probably Didn't Know About the MINI

Do you consider yourself a true MINI fan? Put it to the test and see how many of these 10 MINI facts, about both the original Mini and the newer Mini Coopers, you already knew about! 

  1. The original Mini was launched in 1959 and ran until 1999 (under various marques such as Austin, Morris, BMC, etc). It wasn't until 2000 (2002 in the USA) that the MINI was finally relaunched (as a brand now called MINI- owned by BMW) and was completely redesigned and introduced to the the market with the model name of "Cooper" and "Cooper S" initially. This became sort of problematic as MINI added models such as the Convertible, Clubman, Countryman, etc further confusing not only the general public but MINI dealerships and salespeople. But, most refer to just about any MINI model as a "MINI Cooper" regardless of the body type/model.

  2. Following the official launch of the Mini in 1959, it wasn't long after when Morris Minor Mini became the first British car ever to sell more than 1,000,000 automobiles.

  3. Over 5.3 million classic Minis were released up until the year 2000, and due to this fact, the MINI has become the most popular British vehicle in the history of the car industry.

  4. In response to all of the often accusations and criticism about the security of the Classic Mini, Alec Issigonis answered: "I have created a car with good brakes and control. If people have accidents with this car, it's their fault.", and following this statement, also announced, "I do not design cars to see them crushed". 

  5. Despite all of the accusations and criticism about security throughout the history of the Mini, the Cooper actually received the highest safety rating available from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety last year in 2016 when it was awarded a Top Safety Pick +, as well as four stars for safety by the US federal government's NHTSA. 

  6. In 1991, Autocar magazine voted Mini "The greatest car of all time". 

  7. The record for number of people crammed into a Mini is 27, and the largest line of Mini drivers ever to form a convoy is 299.

  8. Racing driver, Stirling Moss, was banned for a year back in 1961 for speeding in a mini while testing it for a Sunday paper.

  9. In the UK, there are 469 Mini clubs, and at least another 260 worldwide.

  10. The rumor about the design of the door bins in the original Mini is that Issigonis designed it to hold a bottle of gin and several tonics... or maybe just a few pints of milk? 


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