Checkered Side Graphic Stripe Kit
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Checkered Side Graphic Stripe Kit Checkered Side Graphic Stripe Kit


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Checkered Side Graphic Stripe Kit

SKU:  SKU12408721
WEIGHT:  1.00 lbs
brand: Out Motoring
Our price: $95.95
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Made from durable outdoor long lasting vinyl, this stripe kit is designed to be installed on the side panel. Easy to apply and maintain, this is a great low cost way to make your MINI even more distinct and personalized. The kit allows the stripes to be installed just about anywhere on the side/door panel but is ideally installed on the lower door area near the rocker panel. Each kit includes 2 stripes. 6" x 84" total but are shipped in 42" sections- which is perfect to cover the full door and then the 2nd sheet can be used to cover the front fender and rear fender while allowing the checkered pattern to be maintained during installation. We offer this kit in a checkered pattern that can be altered during installation. It will ship as a 6" wide stripe made of checkered squares in a pattern but should you wish to make it narrower simply remove a row or 2 of checks.

The color black is shown installed and the 'white' that is seen is actually the body/paint color showing through the negative areas.

Simple installation requires a 10:1 ratio of water to soap in a spray bottle, 45 minutes or so and some patience. Dimensions of EACH stripe is 5" x 36" or 40" (length is determined by model).

Please ensure the drop-down menu selection accurately represents your model so as to ensure best fitment length. Each kit is enough to do the side of any MINI model.

Select color from the drop down menu:
Glossy White
Glossy Black
Sandblast/Etched Glass Silver
Metallic Silver
Dark Green
Medium blue
Soft pink
Cloud Grey/Light Grey
Charcoal Grey/ Dark Grey

Fits these MINI models: all current models


There are no product reviews for this product yet.

If you have purchased this item and would like to leave a product review please sign in to add your review.

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I am extremely addicted to this store and have it saved on my favorites page on my browser. I've ordered many things here - I'll shop around and place my order and the following day I am back buying more stuff - it's better than shopping for shoes! This store has great customer service and fast delivery! I love making my Mini - PRETTY!! Thank you Out Motoring!!
Geri Cruz-Smith

The best company to get your Mini parts from! They have a great selection of products for all your Mini needs which comes with the best customer service you can receive. They are quick to respond and make your shopping experience the best it can be. Yes, you may find what you are looking for at a lower cost but no other company will beat their level of customer service. Thank you Outmotoring for everything!
Nathan Saurer

Sku: NM.881201B, I bought these rims sometime in 2018, I drive the car only on warm sunny summer days, it doesn’t see rain or snow. That said.. last week my TPMS light came on, my husband took the wheel off and the rim had a 2.5” split in it. Not from hitting anything, it looks like a stress fracture. I’m not sure what caused this or why, just want to say be careful and beware as I’m sure it could be a hazard at certain speeds.
Jolanda Smedley

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